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  • You may make any changes you wish to the demo, as it will be reset. When the demo is reset the data will not be saved, all changes will be lost.
  • You may not use the demo in any other way then a demo for Online Grades. (Please don't use the demo for hosting your own grades or accounts for your school as it would be highly insecure and will be deleted when the reset demo script runs.)
  • The demo is running the latest CVS build so things may be broke from time to time, if that is, or seems to be the case please try back again in a few days as it may be fixed then.
  • Having a problem with the demo, please let us know, by using the Support Form., You may also launch the Reset Demo utility.
  • There are a few features disabled in the demo to increase the overall experience for everyone and prevent spammers from abusing the demo. The features include: Email -- It will act like its working but it wont sent the email, Configuration Editor -- You will be able to make changes on the configuration page but they will not be saved, Registration -- It will not submit the data to the registration server.

Login Information:

Admin Login Info:

Username admin
Password: admin

Staff Login Info:

Username faculty
Password: faculty

Download Sample Data

Student Login Info:

Student ID: 4122
Password: Z4FXM3 (Case Sensitive)
School: Demo High School

Parent Login Info:

Password: demo


Current Demo Version: