Online Grades is the leading free-software project that allows K-12+ student grades attendance information to be posted onto a dynamic web site. Online Grades is not a web-based gradebook. Instead, it accepts grade export information from several popular gradebook software programs such as Easy Grade Pro, Gradekeeper, Misty City's Grade Machine, and PGGP and places the grade information online securely.

Student, Teachers, Parents, and Administrators each get their own personal login into Online Grades, which allows them to see all of the grades in all of their classes. If parents have more than one student at a school or district, they only need one parent login to see the grades of all of their students.

The Online Grades software is free; there is no software cost to post your grade results online. However, to use the software, both an internet-accessible web server with PHP and access to a MySQL database are necessary. Because of these requirements, Online Grades is commonly set up and configured by a school or district tech person. If your school or district does not have the resources to set up Online Grades, you can alternatively buy hosting for your grades. Hosting is even available for individual teachers interested in using Online Grades.

Online Grades is free because the software is developed by volunteers and is in-part sponsored by the schools using the Online Grades software. Online Grades was originally based on the SourceForge project Basmati, and while backward compatibility has been maintained, Online Grades has many more features than the original Basmati grade posting software.

What to do next:

Online Grades Release 3.2.1

New Features Implemented:

1484220 Offer Drop-down for school list at login
- This new option can be selected via the Admin config interface.
1167376 Tools for deleting/viewing/editing data
- Multiple Admin Interface tools for viewing, deleting, editing, exporting class, student, teacher, parent data


3.2.1 Progress Update

Hello from Online Grades!

The 3.2.1 version is currently in development. In addition to several small bug fixes from 3.2.0 the major addition we are currently working is improved tools for deleting, editing, and managing student, teacher, and parent accounts. In addition these tools will help manage viewing a removing the course and grade data in Online Grades. You may find these tools useful late spring/early summer, which is when the new version should be available.

Online Grades Release 3.2.0

Welcome to the Online Grades 3.2.0 release. We have made many improvements and are excited to release our best version yet! There are several major new features in this release:

To your teachers, the main difference they will see is the teacher memos. They will need to migrate their current teacher memo to the new per-class teacher memos. The old teacher memos will still be visible to the teachers but not visible to students.

Administrators will appreciate being able to change all the common configurations options via the administrative web interface. In addition, many administrators will like the new semi-admin logins that give restricted access to the administrative interface (restricted to one school and limited options).

Parents are now able to have their own login into Online Grades. If they have more than one student with grades in Online Grades they only need their single login to access all their students' grades.

New Features:
1424122 - Time Zone offset per school - Requested by Benton High School
1167384 - Switched to a mostly web based configuration.
1179209 - Memo for each class - Requested by Christian Heritage School
1179212 - Parent Login - Allows parents to have a single login for one or multiple children. - Requested by Christian Heritage School
1189351 - Anchoring Left Navigation so that is no longer pushed down the page when the main content is long.
1320617 - Semi-Admin User - Give basic admin ability without giving full admin access. - Requested by rahenkamp
1199499 - "Delete All Classes" button for teachers
1262189 - Split Offline Feature - Added the ability to turn on and off any login section independently
1395588 - Update DB, import for New Grade book Fields (class level teacher comments, student free text comments, attendance)
1408310 - Display Attendance Information for Students
1406996 - Configurable SMTP Server for OG generated emails - Requested by jfouks

3.2.0 Development Update

The Online Grades development has entered a feature freeze in preparation for release. No new features are being added at this point, only bug fixes. Three schools are testing the new version "in production" and there have not been any major issues. We are updating the documentation and hope to release at the end of the month.

Online Grades Development Status Update

We know it's been a while since we have posted any news but we've been busy. We have been working hard over the last couple of weeks getting new features and developing new relationships with different grade book vendors. Here is a list of the things that are currently in the CVS version of Online Grades:

* Parent Center Now Available
* Added IP Restriction to Student Mailer; helps prevent abuse
* Updated Magpie RSS Reader
* New CSS Based Menus & Layouts
* Added mailto hyperlinks for email addresses
* Added More School Based Options
* Split Offline Feature (Now you can turn off sections of OG)

We are happy to announce that PPGP now has support for Online Grades; you will need version of 4.5 or later to have support for Online Grades. For more information you can visit or PPGP is also offering Online Grades hosting for their customers, once again for more information please visit their website.

While we don't recommend running any CVS version in a production environment, we do encourage everyone to check it out. The Online Demo is always updated with the current CVS version and that is an easy way to take a look at the new features. The parent center is now available in the demo. See the demo page for more information.

If you are interested in helping out please contact us. Even if you don't know anything about PHP you still can help. We have documentation that needs updated before we release this next version; if you would like to help email me at beauhuber [at] users [dot] sourceforge [dot] net. The Online Grades development team will be continuing to work on this version for a while longer before we plan on making a release.

In addition feel free to post feature requests or bug reports to the online ticket trackers or comment on the ones that are already posted online. See


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