Online Grades is the leading free-software project that allows K-12+ student grades attendance information to be posted onto a dynamic web site. Online Grades is not a web-based gradebook. Instead, it accepts grade export information from several popular gradebook software programs such as Easy Grade Pro, Gradekeeper, Misty City's Grade Machine, and PGGP and places the grade information online securely.

Student, Teachers, Parents, and Administrators each get their own personal login into Online Grades, which allows them to see all of the grades in all of their classes. If parents have more than one student at a school or district, they only need one parent login to see the grades of all of their students.

The Online Grades software is free; there is no software cost to post your grade results online. However, to use the software, both an internet-accessible web server with PHP and access to a MySQL database are necessary. Because of these requirements, Online Grades is commonly set up and configured by a school or district tech person. If your school or district does not have the resources to set up Online Grades, you can alternatively buy hosting for your grades. Hosting is even available for individual teachers interested in using Online Grades.

Online Grades is free because the software is developed by volunteers and is in-part sponsored by the schools using the Online Grades software. Online Grades was originally based on the SourceForge project Basmati, and while backward compatibility has been maintained, Online Grades has many more features than the original Basmati grade posting software.

What to do next:

Online Grades Release 3.1.2

We are pleased to release version 3.1.2 of Online Grades. A lot of development and testing has gone into the software since our last release in March and we are proud to offer this stable release with many new feature updates in time for upgrading your school this summer.

* Most pages now valid XHTML
* Better CSS Support
* A new skin (Fern) and a skin temporary switcher in the Admin Interface.
* JavaScript fixes - no more javascript errors!
* Javascript and PHP verification of all form data entry
* Register Globals = OFF full support
* Completed removal all non-mysql database code
* Ability to force login via ssl
* Login and Logout functions have been rewritten in the backend
* Text that gets emailed is now configurable
* New error handler for displaying errors and basic help information
* Improved display of personal and class notes.
* A RSS News Feed is displayed in the Admin Interface (Configurable)
* The admin mailer now has a "send to all" feature
* Self Password Resets and Changes (if the admin enables them)
* User Expiration Date now fully implemented
* Many bug fixes

Along with all the major feature updates and bug fixes we have also revised and updated both the Install Guide and the User's Guide. Both have increased in both length and detail since the last release. In addition we have documented the format that Online Grades is able to import and have approached several other grade book software companies/authors about supporting exporting from their software. Several authors have expressed interest and we hope to be able to announce further integration soon. If you are using a grade book program that you wish worked with Online Grades please contact the company/author and express your desire for their program to support exporting to Online Grades.

With this release Online Grades has changed how usernames and email addresses are handled. Under the old scheme, the username was the email address. We now have a separate field and the username is independent of the email address (though they could be the same text in each field). This change allowed us to offer self password resets for users with a valid registered email address. Adding the dedicated email address requires a database structure update. If you are not starting with a fresh database please be sure to read the "upgrading" document.

Online Grades Status Update

I know it's been a while since we have posted any news but we've been busy. We have been working hard over the last couple of weeks getting new features added and many bugs fixed. Here is a list of the things that are currently in the CVS version of Online Grades:

* User Expiration Date can now be changed from the web interface and a default can be set in the config file.
* "View Notes" link for students no longer shows if a note doesn't exist
* If a personal note is available, A note is displayed under the grade book image
* You can now disable staff viewing students' passwords
* A RSS News Feed is displayed in the Admin Interface (Configurable)
* You now can force login via SSL via a config option
* Email Text is now easily configurable
* Started moving code functions to central file for easier maintainability
* Moved Login Check Into A Function
* Temporary Skin Switcher allows admins to preview how skins look
* Student Center Is Now Valid XHTML
* Fixed Logout bug -- the session is now correctly destroyed on logout.
* Update Check Only Check On the Main Admin Page
* Fixed Page Expiration Errors in Internet Explorer
* Fixed IIS 5 PHP Bug
* Added checks to the admin interface to prevent adding multiple accounts with the same id (Student, Faculty, Admin).
* Password Resets fully implemented (database update required to use)

While we don't recommend running any CVS version in a production environment, we do encourage everyone to check it out. The Online Demo is always updated with the current CVS version and that is an easy way to take a look at the new features. We have made a minor change to the demo; you will now be able to change information. See the demo page for more information.

We have a few more changes to code before this version is complete; if you are interested in helping out please contact us. Even if you don't know anything about PHP you still can help. We have documentation that needs updated before we release this next version; if you would like to help email me at beauhuber [at] users [dot] sourceforge [dot] net.

Online Grades 3.1.1 Released

I am proud to announce that Online Grades has released its newest version 3.1.1. The latest version fixes a bug found in IIS and some situations where the skins would not load. We have also moved all of the errors from WCSD to an internal handler.

If you would like to read all of the changes that have happened in this release you can at

Online Grades 3.1.0 Released

I am proud to announce that Online Grades has released its newest version 3.1.0. The latest version contains numerous bug fixes, including many related to PHP E_ALL setting. We have also improved the update checker in this release; in the past it was checking on every page load, now it will only check on the main page.

We have also added many new features such as; Skinning system, New Login Pages, Stats. Staff can now change their own information, Name, Password, and Email Address. Plans are also in the works to allow anyone to reset their own information, if enabled.

With this release comes the introduction of a new developer, without who some of these great new features and bug fixes would have not been possible. I would like to take a second and thank him for his great work and dedication. Thanks!

For more information on the new developer please visit

If you would like to read all of the changes that have happened in this release you can at

To download the latest release you can at

We have also enabled the feature request tracker, so if you have any suggestion or improvements please let us know at:

About Online Grades:
Online Grades allows schools to easily post grades from Easy Grade Pro. It has all of the great features that Basmati does, plus many new ones. OG is simple, secure, and a fast way for a school to post grades to the internet.

Online Grades Releases First Version!

Online Grades is based on the project, Basmati. It has all of the same base features plus many new features. OG is a web based grade posting system, which allows teachers to post Grades from Easy Grade Pro, then allows parents/students to view grade in an easy and secure online format.

I am proud to announce that Online Grades had released the initial version of Online Grades and the documentation to go with it. You can easily have it up and running within a couple of days; so why not download today and better enable communications with everyone in a very use to use format.


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