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Online Grades 3.2.2 Released

The Online Grades team is pleased to announce the release of Online Grades 3.2.2. This release incorporates several bug fixes and adds a few new minor features. There are no database changes this release, so upgrading consists only of upgrading the files on your server to the new versions.

Bugs fixed:
1561868 All interface go offline when student area is set to be offline
1560184 Table Name not all caps in admin/course_list.php (no number) Admin Area export to CSV would not work if PHP magic quotes was turned on
(no number) Faculty could not change their password due to the system thinking the user name was being changed (when it was not). The code used here was rewritten, as well as the option added (see below) for disabling the ability of teachers to change their user names in the prefs.

New Features:
1432927 Allow students to change their password, but not their first and last name. -- If allowed in the admin configs, students could change their password, email address and first and last name. To reduce the risk of students changing their name to something nefarious, there is now a per-school option (admin --> edit school) that allows you to decide whether students should be able to change their names or not. This options defaults to NO.

(included in 1432927) Allow faculty members to change their preferences, but don't allow them to change their user names -- The Online Grades Admin config contains an option that determines whether faculty are able to change their preferences. One of the preferences that they could change was their login id, or user name. Since changing the user name is potentially confusing, there is now a per-school option (admin --> edit school) that determines whether teachers at that school are able to change their user name if they are allowed to change their preferences. The option defaults to no.

1559502 A warning is displayed in the admin interface if you are not running MySQL > 4.1

(no number) A change was made so that the link at the bottom of the student login screen is to the parent login screen, if the parent center is available (it can be turned on and off in the admin configuration section). This is a change because previously the link here was to the faculty login screen. The faculty login screen retains its link to the admin login as well as the student login. If you would like the Student login to still have a link to the faculty login look for the commented out code in the include/common_gui.php file. This change was suggested by one of the schools who uses Online Grades.

Thanks for supporting Online Grades. If you have any questions, feature request or bugs please feel free to post them to the correct areas at . In addition, if you have any interest in helping out with Online Grades, through programing or documentation, we always welcome an extra hand.

--The Online Grades Team