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Road Map

Upcomming Versions
* web based database schema installer; tracker # 1167380
* Tools for removing data from the database. See request #1167376.
* Localization Support. See request #1189639
* Improve stats/quicktools to the point that it can provide a "Dashboard", that allows a school to know when people last uploaded, etc.
* ?? Post your ideas, patches, etc to the tracker to help us out.
* Grades via RSS


OG 3.2.3 (Released: IN CVS)
* Fixed IIS/PHP as CGI Login Session Problem
* Fixed default value in the config
* Modify update checker to reduce hits
* News & Updates would display error if logged in as semi-admin
* Added abilty to send mail to about any user with an associated email address
* Added a demonstration mode to help with the Online Grades Demo.
* Allow admins to upload grades for other teachers
* Fixed Email Validation Bug
* Added abilty to sort tables on the fly using javascript
* Fixed Remove Student bug
* Fix for incorrect email link from parents.php?func=showgradebook
* Added Grade Groups
* Support for short_open_tag off
* Unable to change default admin
* Support for per center help links


OG 3.2.2 (Released 9/30/2006)
* 1561868 All interface go offline when student area is set to be offline
* 1560184 Table Name not all caps in admin/course_list.php
* Admin Area export to CSV would not work if PHP magic quotes was turned on
* Faculty could not change their password due to the system thinking the user name was being changed (when it was not). The code used here was rewritten, as well as the option added for disabling the ability of teachers to change their user names in the prefs.
* 432927 Allow students to change their password, but not their first and last name.
* Allow faculty members to change their preferences, but don't allow them to change their user names
* 1559502 A warning is displayed in the admin interface if you are not running MySQL > 4.1
* A change was made so that the link at the bottom of the student login screen is to the parent login screen


OG 3.2.1 (Released 8/24/2006)
* 1484220 Offer Drop-down for school list at login
* This new option can be selected via the Admin config interface.
* 1167376 Tools for deleting/viewing/editing data
* Multiple Admin Interface tools for viewing, deleting, editing, exporting class, student, teacher, parent data
* Online Grades 3.2.1 requires MySQL version 4.1.x or later due to the use of subqueries.
* New Online Grades web site deployed since last release
* New documentation center online at
* Beginnings of context based help added. We now have several "help" links that go to the improved online documentation.
* 1522715 10+ Digits in SID don't work
* 1501388 Multiple Parent Center Prefs bugs
* 1501387 Allow student to change pref not saving
* 1468164 Can't add admins


OG 3.2.0 (Released 2/22/2006)
* 1424122 - Time Zone offset per school - Requested by Benton High School
* 1167384 - Switched to a mostly web based configuration.
* 1179209 - Memo for each class - Requested by Christian Heritage School
* 1179212 - Parent Login - Allows parents to have a single login for one or multiple children. - Requested by Christian Heritage School
* 1189351 - Anchoring Left Navigation so that is no longer pushed down the page when the main content is long.
* 1320617 - Semi-Admin User - Give basic admin ability without giving full admin access. - Requested by rahenkamp
* 1199499 - "Delete All Classes" button for teachers
* 1262189 - Split Offline Feature - Added the ability to turn on and off any login section independently
* 1395588 - Update DB, import for New Grade book Fields (class level teacher comments, student free text comments, attendance)
* 1408310 - Display Attendance Information for Students
* 1406996 - Configurable SMTP Server for OG generated emails - Requested by jfouks
* General - Moved lots more code to functions to reduce code duplication between sections of Online Grades.
* 1264373 - upload error if % score field is blank (rarely seen condition)
* 1321118 - Error when editing school that already existed.


OG 3.1.2 (Released 6/23/2005)
* Most pages now valid XHTML
* Better CSS Support
* A new skin (Fern) and a skin temporary switcher in the Admin Interface.
* JavaScript fixes - no more javascript errors!
* Javascript and PHP verification of all form data entry
* Register Globals = OFF full support
* Completed removal all non-mysql database code
* Ability to force login via ssl
* Login and Logout functions have been rewritten in the backend
* Text that gets emailed is now configurable
* New error handler for displaying errors and basic help information
* Improved display of personal and class notes.
* A RSS News Feed is displayed in the Admin Interface (Configurable)
* The admin mailer now has a "send to all" feature
* Self Password Resets and Changes (if the admin enables them)
* User Expiration Date now fully implemented
* Many bug fixes

OG 3.1.1 (Released 3/27/2005)
* IIS Bug; tracker #1168815
* Fixed skin not loading on login failure.